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There is nothing worse than that untamed pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet.  

So, In line with Monday's post on closet organisation; would like to look at these sensational shoe rack ideas to help you on your way to a perfect, organized closet.

Shoes rack for your bedroom

Less space, more shoes we say. The Smacs* Design Team's top tip for shoe storgae is to pack your shoes heel to toe in order to maximise the available space.

The number one way to store your shoes is to use them as a gorgeous display in your bedroom. Get creative and think of a design-y way to show them off.

Ladder shoe rack design 

High heels on the rungs of a ladder are both fun and functional!
Or an old bookshelf (or cabinet) is easily changed into a shoe rack
                                                                cabinet display shoe rack

This sophisticated iron and wood rack is ideal for men. It is simple, elegant and masculine.

Male shoe rack

Here is a DIY option: hang shoes off handmade hangers in your closet. This keeps them aired out and prevents damage.

DIY hanger shoe rack DIY hanger shoe rack has our very own shoe rack options from L'emile et Son. These metal designs are free standing and simple. They allow you to stack shoes in a free flowing form.

L'emile et Son metal shoe rack

L'emile et son metal shoe rack

Your home should look great from top to bottom and head to toe! 

Happy Organising! 


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