In the Belly of the Barn

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Converting a barn into a home might seem like a lot of work, but once the conversion is complete the exposed timber-frame structures create a home with an unmatchable character. These lofty, open spaces have high wooden or brick roofs and have plenty of natural light. Heating can be a problem, however, once you have stripped and re-insulated the barn the cosy, rustic space is a design dream.

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Amazing foldable Furniture

Posted on June 02, 2014 by Lisa Maxton | 13 Comments

Italian based company - Resource Furniture is a remarkable venture specialising in space saving furniture. Be prepared to rethink stealth kitchenswall bedsseating and tables. Watch this video and have a look at what believes is the exemplification of amazing design

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How to hang a Traditional Picture Collage

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Lisa Maxton | 1 Comment

Rather than just having a cluster of pictures on your wall hanging framed images in a traditional collage style adds an element of subliminal style to the room. You can unite a group of unrelated photos in a collage or do the opposite and cut up one large picture to be framed in several different pieces. Either way, you are turning traditional picture hanging into an interior design process. 

Below are a few diagrams that may help you hang pictures of various sizes and styles in a cohesive manner.
picture and art hanging
hanging framed art

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White Cemamic Ornaments

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new urban trend being seen all over the world is the collection of white ceramic ornaments. From small trinkets to large wall hangings, you can fill your home with this style purely due to the number of items made from this material and their understated nature.

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Farm-style Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on April 01, 2014 by Lisa Maxton | 1 Comment

Warm and homey farmhouses offer great functionality and comfort. Their open shelving, wide sinks, classic flooring and big kitchen table make them easy to work in and easy to love. Add charm and stylish elegance to your kitchen with wooden panelled cabinets and add a wide farm-style basin to complete the look.

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Shower Curtains!

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Lisa Maxton | 4 Comments

Gone are the days when shower curtains look like cheap plastic and stick to your legs while you shower. Because there is nothing worse than a mouldy old shower curtain why not invest in a new one. Have a look at this gorgeous collection of unique shower curtains:

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DIY bathtub

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Lisa Maxton | 0 Comments

mosaic bath
Are you looking for something more than just your average ceramic bath tub? Try some DIY tiling, ceramics, wooden panelling or a new kind of waterproof wallpaper.

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Your very own Home Bar!

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You don't need a expensive, fully furnished built in bar in your home in order to entertain your guests. Instead look at these examples of stylish and chic bars that don't require tons of space.

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The Essentials for setting up a Home Bar

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Lisa Maxton | 0 Comments

home bar
A home bar is the perfect area for entertaining. Whether you have a full room with a built-in bar or simply a mini portable bar here are some bar essentials:

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Moving Home? Who is your Moving Company?

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Lisa Maxton | 0 Comments

Moving Company

Moving home or your office can be a very stressful experience. Just think of all the boxes to pack, duct tape, bubble wrap and more. You need a moving company that will help you throughout the process.  



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