Pillows and Throws

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Danelle Ehlers | 0 Comments

Use decorative throws and pillows to add colour and energy to a room. Scattered on a bed, armchair or sofa pillows are throws scream comfort and taste. 
bed, with yellow throw and pillows
These knitted pillows and knitted throw add a textural element to your bed that will probably result in a lot more Saturday morning sleep ins. This homely texture contrasts well with the standard wood headboard and plain plastic chair. 
knitted pillows, blanket, headboard
grey throw and pillow
Faux fur blanket and pillows in winter....need I say more?
faux fur blanket, pillow and pouf
Brightly patterned pillows and throws add an eclectic feel to the room. Eclectic means energy, dimension and fun.
colorful pillow and throw
Click HERE for an easy demo on arranging pillows on your bed. 

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