Rocking the Daisies '12 was life changing

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There is an uplifting atmosphere in the air, smiles all around, camping equipment and daisies attire. The excitement is unbearable as you wait in the queue and you can see the grand stage structure in the distance. People have come prepared for anything and everything, the bare essentials consisting of wet wipes and a full cooler box. 

rocking_the_daisies_ setup

Set up the tent immediately and feel the vibe of the festive camping area before the incredible background beats drag you to the dancefloors. Cross over the bridge and yes… the grass is greener on the other side. It is another world, it is so busy it almost takes a couple of hours to get used to what is going on around you.  It is one of the most organized eco-friendly festivals in South Africa, and any sense of responsibility goes out the window as everything has been thought of and taken cared of. We are surrounded by fields and mountains, yet we feel so at home here. 


The dam reflects the glistening sun and intensifies the humming sound of the Mainstay Beach Bar. Bodies are dispersed in the water trying to soak up the sun and get their bronzing on whilst trying to do a little dancing at the same time. 


We can all truly say that that beach bar was life changing. People kept repeating the same words the entire weekend; 'I couldn't be happier right now, this is the ideal jol'. Pina coladas, mojitos and daiquiris… litres of it. Deep house thumps as the crowd jumps and security tries to control the crazy humans who are adamant on dancing on the stage. The white beach sand turned into grey as the festival goers stomped their hearts out, what an incredible venue for a dance floor - we all felt like we were in Ibiza!


Toby two shoes, Jeremy Loops, Bloc Party and the memorable, Grand Master Flash are some of the artists to name a few who blew the crowds away.The Red Bull Tent aka the rave cave, (where everybody seemed to be yet still couldn't find one another) was the dance floor that was swarming with people who jumped up and down for hours to some mind blowing electro tunes. Even though, at night, it was probably below zero, campers still made the mission to see their favourite artists. Partying with your friends, amazing beats, tasty gourmet food and the incredible vibe of being in the beautiful western cape - life couldn't get much better than this.


By Sunday, our legs were tired and smiles had turned to straight faces. Everybody was trying to comprehend how the 4 day festival had come and gone so quickly, and now the thought of Monday was terrifying. Looking over the fields of campers, the picture of health was not in the majority. Rocking the Daisies isn't only one of the best festivals in the country, but it has become a culture, it exudes positivity and it's one of those weekends where you can just appreciate life and live it to the fullest. It allows people to be themselves and to be kind to one another. Borat suits, onezies and many many animal beanies. 


And of course…. who could forget the mops….


I can't wait until RTD'13!

Thanks to Chris Christy for the awesome photo's!


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