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When I first discovered Shaw Sisters I knew I had found a hidden gem, but when I visited Angela of Shaw Sisters in their Durban  showroom I was completely blown away and every expectation I had was exceeded.

The extensive range of beautiful objects is truly spectacular and I felt so blessed to be in the company of such an inspiring woman. Shaw Sisters was founded in 2010 by sisters Angela Shaw of Koop Design and Janet Shaw of the Zulu Beadwork Project.

Being a Natal girl myself I am always delighted to come across designers based in Durban who are so passionate about creating homemade products. In the words of the sisters, 'In KZN we are surrounded by people making great products... and we look for ways to collaborate with these master craftspeople.'

shaw sisters

KwaZulu Natal is a province which is so rich in crafting heritage that it is amazing to see how the Shaw Sisters have given these local crafters the ability to sell their handmade product. Whether it is beading, wood-carving or weaving the sisters guide the traditional crafters through appropriate design interventions and give them more of an understanding of the boutique market so that their products can be seen in a new way.


Shaw Sisters have a wonderful range of products ranging from hand blown glass, ceramics, origami, baskets and crochet. The crochet items are made from recycled fabrics from the fashion industry and the hand blown glass lights are completely unique and were inspired by a shipwreck.

Shaw Sisters

The ladies have combined their love for travel and exploration with opportunity to find new creative people making handmade product. Their aim is to have fun and to work closely with selected South African crafters to create inspiring and beautiful goods and in my opinion they are most certainly succeeding. They want to find 'new routes to market handmade product and be a part of, and stimulate an economy where independents and individuals thrive.'


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I have truly loved this collection as their are so many exciting pieces and even when you think you have seen it all something else equally as special pops up to surprise you. The passion of Shaw Sisters is so evident in all their ranges and everything is completely stunning but quirky at the same time. I just love how the products are a combination fun and elegance. There are so many people with such amazing skills out there and I look forward to seeing what other handmade goodies the Shaw Sisters bring us. To see their collection on - click HERE.


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