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Johannesburg based, Hendrik Smit and Reynier Krause are the collaborative genius behind Toyboy jewellery and accessory collection. The initial design source for the collection came from a discarded crate of old LEGO blocks. 

Toyboy’s hard-edged accessories and jewellery pieces are constructed with inspiration from the 60s,70s and 80s and provide local Pop Art devotees and retro-chic fanatics with artistic, witty, bold and experimental design pieces.

 Funky Lego necklace
Unique lego necklace

Toyboy designs depict aspects of mass culture, conveying theme of irony, playfulness and consumer culture which is key to trendy Pop Icon and Pop Art movements with retro plastic aesthetic.

Individual lego men necklaces
Constructed from LEGO these pendants and badges are purposefully oversized for impact. Smit and Krause are an example of real creative talent in South Africa.

Toyboy has an active and fun Facebook community which you can access HERE

Toyboy photo shoot  

ToyBoy photo shoot 

Click HERE for the full collection on


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