The modern rocking Chair

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Though sleek in design now rocking chairs have not always been so. The origins of the rocker are unclear though they have always had a distinctly America flair. 

Legend has it the president Benjamin franklin designed the first rocking chair, however it is more likely that the design developed from a babies cradle. It was 1725 before a rocker first appeared in England. 

Benjamin franklin in his rocking chairPresident John F. Kennedy made the P&P rocking chair famous when he was prescribed it's use due to his lingering back problems. He loved the chair so much he insisted on bringing it on Air Force One whenever he travelled and gave others of its design as gifts to heads of state. 

A rocking chair is no longer something that should belong to your grandma. Have a look at these modern and unique rocking chairs that would compliment any sophisticated or stylish home.

Minimalist rocking chairs are striking, streamlined and unique. It is important to only use 1 or 2 in a room as any minimalist furniture piece looks best when juxtaposed with other furniture styles. 

Fun, multicolour, minimalist rocking chair 

This amazing wooden rocking chair is an 'ode to the elements' known as the 'Breeze' due to its light, dynamic structure. 

The breeze, wooden rocking chair

Dark wood, minimalist rocking chair

You can find your centre of gravity on one of these rocking chairs. Great to look at and great to sit in!

Rocking chair against in a white room

Sleek, grey rocking chair

The Canopa rocking chair, seen below, is manufactured under licence by Cassina. It is an innovatie seating piece designed by Franco Albini. The cushioned fabric when combined with the architecturally graphic motif on the sides of the chair makes for a classic, sleek and timeless design.

Canopa rocking chair

Metal rocking chair with thick cushioning

I love this wooden bowl rocking chair! -it looks as if you could disappear in there.

Wooden bowl rocking chair

This Roxy Chair has a stylish, vintage look.

Roxy Chair


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