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Not only is it common for a teak piece of furniture such as a table or chair to last up to 70 years, but teak is an attractive wood due to its rarity and natural durability

Invest in a teak desk or teak furniture piece for your home. A teak desk is more playful then a dark mahogany piece, but still brings sophistication and elegance to your office space. Teak is an oil-treated wood which looks great with most other wooden furniture pieces. 

This multi-level teak desk is dynamic and blends vertical and horizontal aesthetics. A piece like this serves as both shelves and a desk.

Amazing teak desk

Teak has always been a prized wood. The tree that teak comes from, Tectona grandis, is native to the tropics. Since around the 7th century, it has been used to decorate the residences of the wealthy and powerful. Today, teak is still an expensive wood but it's ability to ward off rot and add elegance to your home makes it's price well worth it. Teak furniture is made from mature teak trees so a teak tree can be as much as 80 years old when it is ready to be harvested for wood. 

Dark teak desk

Teak is naturally a golden brown colour but over time is adopts a sandy, graded tone. if you prefer your furniture to keep its original teak look the wood is easily treated to avoid fading. HERE is a simple guide to treating teak furniture.

This simple teak desk has a retro feel to it. The combination of simplistic, linear metal legs with a thicker teak body is both artistic and balanced.

teak and metal desk

Invest in a teak desk or any other teak furniture piece for its durability, rarity and raw aesthetic appeal.


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