colapcible-camping-rangeThe collapsible range of camping accessories solves one of life's little problems - limited space in a small kitchen or in a car/ backpack when travelling. All the accessories fold down to less than 55mm and pack away in the tiniest spaces making it easy for storage and/or travel! How great!

This range is made out of 100% food grade silicon and can withstand temperatures of up to 230°C. It’s built to last! The stainless steel base kettle (1.2L) and pot (3.8L) can be used on gas or electric stoves and are perfect for camping/hiking trips. Then there is the award winning pack away bucket (7L), so no need for that cheap plastic or heavy galvanised metal bucket that is cumbersome to store.   

'Very handy items to have, to provide you with that much needed extra space and they look fantastic too!' - Candice Naude, Smacs* Graphic Designer & Photographer

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