Designer Nicki Ellis Malherbe founded Love Milo based on her love of photography, design and nature. Love Milo is a boutique homeware & décor studio based in Cape Town creating a collection of African minimalist ceramics, wooden platters, lighting and fabric.

The range uses the silhouettes of Dino branches, birds and insects cast across a minimalist background. Not only is Love Milo focused on design, it also has a large focus on sustainability. The fabric products are hand printed in South Africa and made from high quality, 100% cotton fabrics. The wooden plates, platters and love birds are made using alien trees that are a hazard to our natural environment, making them eco-friendly as well as beautiful. They are all carved by hand, giving them all their own individuality

"Our aim is to create beautiful, functional objects for everyday use that are contemporary but truly African by means of design and manufacture" - Nicki Ellis Malherbe, Love Milo Designer/owner
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