senz-umbrella1,100,000,000 umbrellas ...the number of umbrellas thrown away in the world every year, because they don’t perform in the wind. At senz° they don’t take this pollution for granted and this is how 1 genius idea was born...The senz° original umbrella. 

The senz° story begins with three friends who met at the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands who together decided to tackle this problem. The senz° umbrella they designed, always finds the most comfortable position in the wind, doesn’t go inside out and is windproof up to 100 km/h - unmatched in performance and style. 

'We are thankful that our designs have won all major design awards in the world and have been embraced by many innovators and fashionistas from around the globe.' - Gerwin Hoogendoorn, CEO and creative brain of the senz° family

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