Design and Decor Dictionary - C

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C -

cafe curtains - short curtains hung on a rod.

casement window - long thin window that opens but swinging outwards from the side

ceramics - term used for pottery, tile, porcelain, etc. Ceramics are a inorganic, nonmetallic solid prepared by the action of heat and subsequent cooling. The art and science of forming objects from earth materials containing or combined with silica; the objects are then heated to at least 1300F to harden.

chaise - 'sometimes called a shay or chay' is a reclining chair, with upright back, upholstered, long seat area.

china paint - A low-temperature overglaze fired onto previously glazed and fired ceramic

chinoiserie - is a french term  refers to a recurring theme in European artistic style since the seventeenth century that reflects the influence of Chinese art.

chintz - thin cotton cloth, usually shiny or glazed printed with flowers and other patterns in different colours.

COM - Customer's own material; when the customer specifies the material they require other than the furniture available from the furniture manufacturer

contrast - the different in illumination levels between one point and nearby points

corbel - a decorative bracket carved from wood used under shelving or mantel shelves

coving - angled sides of a firebox

crown moulding - A decorative molding used at the juncture of the wall and ceiling; it can be flat or sprung, plain or complex