Design and Decor Dictionary - D

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D -

dado - In architectural terminology this is  the lower section of a wall area, above the skirting board,  treated in a different fashion , from the rest of the wall, with paint/paneling

damask - A reversible fabric with a pattern formed by weaving typically made from silk, wool, linen, or synthetic fibers. 

decor - The furnishing and decoration of a room

decoupage – an art technique of decorating a surface with paper cutouts glued on and coated with several layers of varnish. 

design - To concieve or fashion in the mind; invent

diptych - artwork on two panels that are hung together

DIY – do it yourself. building, repairing or something without the help of professionals

distressing - the deliberate aging and weathering in paint techniques to give character to woodwork, paintwork and metal

double - hung window-a window with two vertical sliding sashes, that can be raised and lowered independently of each other

drapery - cloth or textiles hanging in loose folds