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Sell on offers a Vendor a national exhibition retail platform and promotional tool to grow market share, drive brand awareness and gain valuable insight into the national customer. Utilizing’s extensive marketing, technology and design capabilities does this.

The combination of content, curation, social media integration, professional PR and marketing strategies stands the online retail platform as an innovative leader in the South African and African Ecommerce Markets. looks forward to a long-term relationship, which brings your firm unparalleled results and your customers unequalled customer experience.

Why you should partner with us!

* There are no costs involved for you (it's free)
* Online sales are fast growing in SA and are the way of the future; so we will help you leverage this sales channel to build your business
* We make the process hassle free for you! Our expert team handles all the logistics, customer care and admin!
* Receive additional publicity and exposure for your products through our site, social media and extensive PR and marketing activities across national Magazines and DSTV

If you are interested in this opportunity to partner with,

Send an Email to The Smacs* Love Design Team: with some info about yourself and your awesome products and they will get in touch with you right away! (Our curators awesome like that...)