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Andile Mbete
Blogger, Marketer, Culture Guru
andile mbete
Currently the MD of the awesome Andiles Bored Company. "Crimes of passion, shorties, beats, skate, art shit, drunken fun and giving shout outs to the CEO Andile Mbete aka Famous Face!!!!" Check out some original content on Cards on Spoke (Music), custom Vids (Prayer of the Woods), and an Interview with Linsey Levendall aka Bison! He is open to collaboration and generally just a cool guy to hang out with, so connect with him on twitter @Moneygrill and get educated people.

Meg Louw
Writer, Traveller, Digital Master
Megz is a born and bred Joburg girl, but somewhere along the way she picked up a hippie attitude, a love for Cape Town and an addiction to snow(on mountains people!) Meg helps Smacs* by keeping her finger on the pulse of everything new, digital and innovative. And even though she loves champagne she still manages to get some work done from time-to-time. With two degrees under her stylish belt and a new one on the way, it's hard not to be a little worried about Meg taking over the world one day. Meg has written for Biz Community and is the creator of the Email Design Bible. Currently residing in Colorado, USA. She has left SA’s sunny shores to pursue another degree, this time a Digital Masters(Which conveniently allows her to use her snowboard daily!) Connect with her awesomeness @meglouw, do it.

Trevor Neves
Styler, Blogger, BullSh*tter
Self appointed style maven and all round cool cat. He is the author of the Smac* talk blog column Tby4 - Trev’s Tuesday Trend Tips. Where he breaks news and hearts about what is down and dirty across the Mother Cities Fashion scene. He is our ears on the ground of the University cobbles and Long Street’s bar counters. His other blog is named for his favourite saying and lifetime motto: It aint easy being sleazy. Where he talks bullsh*it to his hearts content. Trev also maintains that if he could live anywhere in the world it would be at the Full Moon Party on Koh Panang in Thailand. Or anywhere that lets you wear Flat Peak Caps 24/7.

A SmActavist is someone who is extremely good at what they do, or totally unknown. Someone that has a free mentality, that chooses his or her own path, and who has intense passion for living. These SmActavists are informal ambassadors, who could be designers, artists, entrepreneurs, DJ's, sports stars, scientists, personalities, fashionistas, writers, models, producers, friends, innovators, or just about anyone who embodies They fly the flag for design, fashion and culture in South Africa and across the Globe.

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