Metis Black - Blackwood
Metis Black - Blackwood Metis Black - Blackwood

Metis Black - Blackwood

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Rediscover nature, with WeWood, the avant-garde approach to spohisticated sustainability. Made of 100% natural wood, these high-tech timber timepieces fill the forest, as WeWood plants one tree for each watch sold. WeWood is an eco-friendly option for all the fashion forward, free thinking individuals out there, and a way to feel good about what you're wearing. Blackwood is a harwood native to Tamania's forests and is the perfect timber for delicate crafts work. It is easily worked, very stable and long lasting. Blackwood's durable seed remains viable for decades, making this delicate timber easy to grow, ensuring sustainability. This watch has 4 removable links and uses Miyota 2315 movement. This watch also has a 2 year warranty. Watchstrap min lenght: 18.7mm, watchstrap max lenght: 23.5mm, case size: 39mm x 49.5mm, dial size: 29mm x 29mm, caseback size: 35mm x 35mm, case height: 10mm.

        • Origin    Italy.

        • Weight/Dimensions    Watchstrap lenght min-max: 18.7mm-23.5mm, 0.042kg

        • Materials  100% Natural Wood, Hypoallergenic, Nickel free.

        • Delivery Time    5 - 14 working days

        • Shipping Info    Shipping via courier to your door.

        • Return Policy    Returns only on special circumstances.

    • For each watch purchased a tree is planted. 2 year warranty.

Type: Accessories

Vendor: WeWood